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A message to my clients

A message to the person in my chair…

When you choose me for your service, I put all my effort toward you. It is hard for me to not become completely vested in our time together. I get to know you and your family and it’s like we’ve known each other forever.

Sometimes I come into work and you had to put your pet down. Sometimes I hear you discovered your child is an addict. Sometimes you found out your spouse is cheating on you. Sometimes I hear your mother is dying of cancer. Sometimes I cry with you. I am thankful that you are close enough to me to open up your life to me as a friend.

Other times I come into work and find out you just got engaged. Other times I hear that you and your husband are taking a well deserved vacation you’ve been dreaming about. Other times I find out that the adoption is finally going through and you will be parents soon. Other times I hear you finally got the house you’ve been waiting for approval on and you’re moving in. Other times I get to cry with you when you show me an ultrasound picture after trying for several years.

So every time I go to work, I don’t just do hair and lashes. I get to catch up with my friends and family and I would never give that up. Thank you to every person that has sat in my chair and let me be me.